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Chairman's Message

Children are our valuable assets and we need to invest in their future adequately. Hence , we have to build up character of the students from the very childhood. They have to be taught to honour family and social values. Only if these children imbibe in themselves such a value system can we expect a bright future. I am hopeful that such a change is inevitable. But , this calls for a very active partnership between the teachers and the parents. Each has to complement and supplement each other's efforts in this regard.

It is our school's vision that when the students pass out from the school, they should not be the one in the crowd, but they should stand out in the crowd they pass through.

The school already has excellent infrastructural facilities and expansion is going on for creation of state of the art facilities. Besides , the teaching faculty is constantly motivated to make all out efforts to generate creativity, confidence, ethical values, decision making capability, quick initiative taking qualities in the student community. Though the task is challenging, I am glad to state that teaching faculty and management have always endavoured to turn this challenge into an opportunity to bring out on the surface the hidden talent in very individual student.

All these efforts have generated a lot of goodwill for the school in Dwarka and its vicinity. It has now become the most sought after destination for educational pursuit upto Senior secondary level. The school objective is to prepare individuals academically as well as to create self-confidence in them to face the world and the future with a positive approach.

Pankaj Jain

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